Covid-19 Updates

Due to the growing concern regarding Coronavirus/COVID-19, effective immediately and until further notice. Fife School District has suspended all usage of their facilities for all non-FSD related activities. This includes all fields. As a result, FMESC is suspending all soccer activities at SLMS and all other Fife SD facilities until further notice. Please do not use these facilities for ANY team related activities. FSD and FMESC will continue to monitor the situation and evaluate next steps at the appropriate time. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we process new information as it's made available.

It has come to our attention that coaches have continued to hold soccer activities on Fife School District property, which violates the email that was sent on March 11th. The Fife School District has mandated suspension of all activities due to the Covid 19 pandemic. As a result of our actions, our Club has been reported to the Fife Superintendent of Schools. Our Club is reliant on our partnership with the school district and the access to these facilities. Therefore, our failure to follow the rules of use, at any school district field, has put our future in jeopardy. As volunteers for our club, it is crucial to lead by example and support our Club in observance of Fife School District policy.

In addition to the suspension of activities at all school district fields, FMESC is suspending all soccer, team, or membership activities. This is in line with the directives of FIFA ( the world governing body of soccer), US Youth Soccer (US governing body), Washington Youth Soccer (statewide soccer) and PCSA (our association). We will continue to monitor and adjust our policy as the information is updated.

To be clear: As a representative of FME Soccer, you are directed to not host any practices, kick arounds, or to involve a few kids with you to kick the ball around on any Fife School District properties (SLMS, Fife High School, Discovery, Endeavor, & Hedden), Puyallup School District properties (Edgemont Jr. High), City of Milton (Triangle Park), City of Fife (Columbia Jr High, Dacca Park). Further more, any gathering of kids off school property that is in any way associated with FME Soccer Club is forbidden.

In order to protect our Club & membership, effectively immediately:

Any coach, manager, or member of FME Soccer Club not following this policy, will be subject to disciplinary actions, which may include suspension or termination.

Elia Tagoai
FME Soccer Club President

The AGM Voting for a new board of directors has been postponed until the next meeting which is TBD.


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