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To be a Referee in FMESC, you must:

  • Be 13 years of age or older,
  • Attend our Referee Clinic,
  • Pass the Certification exam (see below).
FMESC Entry-Level Referee Clinic
FMESC 2019 Referee Clinic
Saturday - August 24th

We will cover youth league rules and how-to's (match assignments, getting paid, what is a Risk Management Application, etc.). Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend this clinic as well.

Clinic Information: Clinic Link

Registration Deadline is by midnight on 8/21/19. Register Here

Clinic Instructions:

Pre-Registration and Completion of Online Material is REQUIRED.

VERY, VERY IMPORTANT: This clinic has online material that MUST be completed (and the system MUST say ONLINE COMPLETE in green highlight) prior to class.You WILL NOT be admitted to the clinic if you have not completed the online materials and the system does not indicate ONLINE COMPLETE. Paper or email proof of completion is not accepted. There are no exceptions. ONLINE MATERIAL MUST BE COMPLETED BY 7:00PM ON 8/22/19.

The HARD CUTOFF to complete the online material is two days before the clinic at by 7pm. If you are not 100% complete then you will not be allowed to attend the clinic. Should this happen then you can wait for a later clinic or request that your funds be reimbursed.

Accessing the Online Material:

After you have registered and paid for the clinic, log-on and find the Clinic Reservation box for a button labeled Online Lessons. This button will provide access to the online material. Click on that button and complete ALL of the modules. Completing all of the online material will take about 2-3 hours, so allow yourself ample time to complete everything. This material contains essential information that is part of your referee exam.

IMPORTANT: Read and follow the instructions CAREFULLY. Do not skip ahead in videos. Failure to carefully follow the instructions or skipping portions of videos may result in you not receiving credit for completing the item.

Further HELP can be found at:

This new Referee Clinic will provide certification for the remainder of this calendar year (2019) and throughout the following year (2020).

This class consists of all outdoor instruction on a field at the complex.

1. Bring paper and pencil for notes. Bring any questions you may have from the online materials.
2. Bring snacks and any drinks you may want. There will not be a formal meal break. We will be taking 10-15 minute long breaks that will allow time for snacks and beverages.
3. Dress to be active on the field and keep the weather in mind. Bring shoes appropriate for light work on the soccer field (cleats are not required but are recommended depending on the weather).
4. A referee whistle will be provided.

Parents: The Next Steps part of the clinic (towards the end) is when parents are invited and encouraged to attend. We will cover how to register, self-assign, youth league rules, submit a match report, and get paid during this time. It can be an overwhelming amount of information so we recommend for parents to attend this section.

There will be an exam at the end of class which must be passed to earn your license. Pay very close attention to the questions and answers during the online education.

2019 FIFA Rule Change Information Sheet
General Information

FMESC supplies referees (and linesman if applicable) for all home games.

Please Note: FME Referee primary jersey color is BLACK

Yes, you might be able to wear a hat. Click for details

For all information about referee opportunities, contact our Referee Assignor, Cy Palmer, at at

Referee Code of Ethics

A code of ethics has been developed for all Referees by US Youth Soccer & USSF to clarify and distinguish approved and accepted behavior.

  • I will always maintain the utmost respect for the game of soccer.
  • I will conduct myself honorably at all times and maintain the dignity of my position.
  • I will always honor an assignment or any other contractual obligation.
  • I will attend training meetings and clinics so as to know the Laws of the Game, their proper interpretation and their application.
  • I will always strive to achieve maximum teamwork with any fellow officials.
  • I will be loyal to my fellow officials and never knowingly promote criticism of them.
  • I will be in good physical condition.
  • I will control the players effectively by being courteous and considerate without sacrificing fairness.
  • I will do my utmost to assist my fellow officials to better themselves and their work.
  • I will not make statements about any games except to clarify an interpretation of the Laws of the Game.
  • I will not discriminate against nor take undue advantage of any individual group on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin.
  • I consider it a privilege to be a part of the United States Soccer Federation and my actions will reflect credit upon that organization and its affiliates.

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