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Congratulations to Fusion 08!

Founders Cup Gold Division Finalists

WSYSA Coaches of the Year

Jose de la Cruz (Boys Recreation) Tom Pierson (Girls Competitive) | Click Here

FME 40th Anniversary Gear

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Next Goal Wins: FME Volunteer Nicky Salapu

Soccer for Life - An inspiring story and an inspiring man. | Watch the trailer here!

Offside Explained

Ever wonder why they called offside? Watch this video | Offsides Video

Turkey Jamboree Photos

Turkey Jamboree Photos


Turkey Jamboree Photos


Turkey Jamboree Photos


Turkey Jamboree Photos



Tournament Results

Xtreme 08 - Champions

2018 Starfire Labor Day Cup

Fusion 08 - Finalists

2018 Rainier Valley Slammers Challenge

xtreme 06 - Champions

2018 Riverjam

Xtreme 07 - Finalists

2018 Riverjam

Fusion 03 - Finalists

2018 Riverjam

Fusion 07 Gold - Finalists

2018 Kent Cornucopia Cup

Fusion 08 - Finalists

2018 Crossfire Select Cup

Fusion 03 Blue- Champions

2018 RVS Classic

Fusion 03 Blue - Finalists

2018 Rogue Memorial Challenge - Medford, Oregon

Fusion 04 - Champions

2018 Mt. Hood Challenge

Fusion 04 - Champions

Gold Division Harbor Tyee Cup

Fusion 04 - Finalists

2018 Rainier Challenge

Fusion 03 Gold - Finalists

2018 River Jam

Fusion 07 Blue - Champions

2018 Seattle Cup

Parking Lot Safety
Parking Lot Safety Notice
Now that the winter months are upon us and the weather is cold and slick, we need to be extra cautious when picking up and dropping off. We've already had reports of cars driving too fast and drivers not using their best judgment. Parents, if your player is driving, please have a talk with them about using extra care in the parking lot. If you are dropping your player off, please ask them to use the sidewalks and crosswalks and to be careful and aware of cars.

Please use the main road, 19th Avenue, that runs between the Surprise Lake Field and Discovery Primary School to drop off and pick up players. This area is lighted and has sidewalks for our players to get to and from the field.

Do not use the upper driveway or the corner of the school property next to Milton Way to drop off or pick up. The upper drive at SLMS cannot be parked on as it is a fire lane. The Milton police department may ticket parked cars that are there.

Our biggest concern is your players' safety. Please treat all fields like active school zones and slow down. We appreciate your help in ensuring all of our kids are safe.

Thank you,

FME Board

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