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To Our FMESC Family,

We again find ourselves saddened to announce the resignation of one of our Executive Board members. Michelle Carter, our VP of Competition and long-time Scheduler, has chosen to leave her role effective immediately.

Michelle, on behalf of an extremely grateful Club, we owe you a debt of gratitude for your years of dedication and hard work, which began nearly five years ago in November 2015, when you joined as the Picture Day Coordinator. To say that you will be missed is an understatement.

The Board is always looking for volunteers to fill a variety of positions. If you or someone you know are interested in volunteering, please direct all inquiries to

If you have scheduling questions, please contact our scheduler Stephanie Kemp-Waldner at

Thank you,


Phase 2 FAQ


As a reminder from our last communication, the FME board has been meeting every other week since the pandemic began to address the ongoing changes in a timely manner. Moving forward, we will be sending updates to you the day after our meeting to ensure you have the latest information.

Below are updated FAQ's (frequently asked questions) to help you understand more about what is happening. Please feel free to email us at if you have additional questions that you don't see answered below.


What is the hold up? Why are we "stringing" kids along?

We have not cancelled our season because we do not have a deadline that we are facing yet and are hoping that we can get the kids out playing soccer again if things get better with Covid-19. We are in a holding pattern due to the strict return to play guidelines put forth for Phase 2 which is the phase we are in right now in Pierce County. In addition, we only have one field available. With over 50 teams it is impossible to get everyone practicing.

Why don't you just cancel the season like other sports have done?

We do not have a deadline like other sports might have so we do not feel we should make a rushed decision if there is a possibility of a season.

Will there be a soccer season?

Yes. The intent is to have a soccer season. The leagues in which our teams compete, NPSL, SSUL, and RCL are still planning on having a season and are not tied to a time frame right now.

When will the soccer season start?

An optimistic scenario has us moving into Phase 3 in mid-September and at that time if we have fields, we can start a modified season. Remember that we cannot play games until we get to Phase 3.

Can my team practice at a private field or location?

No. We cannot practice on a field that is not covered by our insurance as well as cannot ensure the safety of each player on private properties.

Will we be able to practice before the league starts?

Yes. There will be a buildup period before games start.

What is the plan for U6-U9 since the PCSA Home League has been cancelled?

We are working on a solution and talking with other clubs to see if we can work something out together. We will update as we know more.

If the season does not happen will we get a refund?

If you have not practiced or had any games, yes, you will get a refund. If you have practiced but games do not happen, there will be a charge for field usage as we do have to pay for fields. If the season is cancelled and we stop practices, we will assess the amounts and let you know an individual cost and subtract that from your refund.

Why are Select teams practicing and not Rec? Is it because Select teams pay more?

Back in late June, when we were given clarity on a safe return to play plan from WYS and PCSA (our governing bodies of soccer in our state) along with the Phased reopening from our Governor, our decision was to start with our Select program once we got clearance to use Columbia Jr High. We made that decision because our Select program starts before our Rec program with summer tournaments. At the time it looked as if the Pandemic was getting better so we thought that our Select teams may have a shot at those tournaments. Bear in mind that it has been no small feat to get even our Select teams on the field as we had to produce our own set of Return to Play documents, purchase proper sanitation products, get all coaches trained on how to coach in small groups while keeping everyone at a 6 foot distance while training AND have all participants sign waivers before they could get on the field. Even now we have to constantly monitor the program with coaches sending us check-in forms every time they practice and make sure that if one case of Covid-19 happens that we follow the proper state guidelines in reporting and contact tracing. Our board has been talking in detail about how to get our Rec program practicing in Phase 2 and will continue to try to find a solution but at this time with only one field, over 50 teams and strict guidelines on only one team per hour practicing to ensure safety, along with the detail we have to follow to be in compliance with the rules around the Pandemic, it is limiting our ability to do anything safely and fairly. Our decisions have had nothing to do with the Select side paying more but everything to do with the safety of our members.

Will there be additional requirements once we can start?

Yes. Coaches, any volunteers, and players will have to go through detailed safety and distance training and understand the contact tracing requirements at every practice if someone does come down with Covid-19. We will also be requiring additional forms signed by all participants.

Thank you,

Thank you, Michele

To Our FMESC Family,

We are sad to announce that Michele Hirata, our Registrar, VP of Communications, and Board Member has decided to step down from her position. We respect her decision and wish to offer our profound thanks and gratitude for her years of service to the FME Soccer Club and our community.
Thank you, Michele, you will be so very missed.

The board is in the process of interviewing candidates to assume the role of Registrar. We ask for your patience during this time of transition. Please direct all inquiries to
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