2018 FME Turkey Jamboree Rules

2018 FMEJSC Turkey Jamboree Info & Rules

Here is some important information and the rules concerning our jamboree:

Coaches, please check-in at the Dacca Red Barn prior to your first game to pick up your team packet!

  1. All fields are located at Dacca Park and Columbia Junior High in Fife.
  2. Field numbers are posted at each field.
  3. Games for all divisions will begin:
    • Saturday at 9:00 am with the last game starting at 4:00 pm
    • Sunday at 10:00 am with the last game starting at 3:00 pm
  4. The Head Field Marshalls/Ref Assignors are located at the green tents in the center of Dacca fields 1-4; and between Columbia fields 5-7 and Dacca fields 8-10.
  5. All games will be expected to start on time, so as not to delay the next game. A team more than 5 minutes late will forfeit the game.
  6. We value our referees and ask that they be treated with respect by all participants and parents. If there is a problem with a referee, please contact your Field Marshall around your field, or at the green tent.
  7. Each team needs to provide a game ball.
  8. There is a good chance you might be playing against a team that wears the same colors as you, please be prepared to change into another color using: a different team jersey, pennies or white t-shirts.
  9. Turkey Jamboree sweatshirts and apparel will be available for purchase, while supplies last.

Jamboree Rules:

  1. No score is kept. It is a jamboree.
  2. The WSYSA Small Sided Rules will be observed.
  3. Game times for U7-U10 are 2 - 20 minute halfs with a 5-minute half time.
  4. Game times for U11-U12 are 2 - 25 minute halves with a 5-minute half time.
  5. No spectators or coaches are allowed closer than the penalty box to the keeper.
  6. Unlimited substitutions can be made, but only at proper times and with the referee's approval.
  7. All free kicks will be indirect.

2018 Turkey Jamboree FAQ

There will be bathroom facilities, food trucks, and vendors available at all locations.

This is a great chance to play some new teams and have some fun!

Enjoy the jamboree!


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