Field Maintenance

Parents, this is a perfect opportunity to help out your coach!! Game Day field set up does not count towards the volunteering hours needed for each team to be in good standing, however it is expected as part of being the club.

If you are the first team on the field for the day, it's your responsibility to set up the flags and fields for play. If you are the last team of the day, it's your responsibility to put everything away. Check the game schedule the night before game day to make sure you have the most updated information.

The columns on the right in the FME Live Schedule will have the assigned teams for the week on the line of the first game at the designated field.

U11 & U12 games this year with a modified field may be on SLMS or Hedden.

For SLMS: The modified field will be with the use of Bownets that are the correct size and field discs to mark the lines. The field size will be 55x80. The yellow side lines are the 55. The Bownets need to be set up at the 20 yard line and weighted with the weights from the large goals.

First modified team needs to set up the field. Last modified team puts the field away. The Bownet and field discs need to be stored in the container near the baseball fields at SLMS.

For Hedden: The field and goals are the correct size.