Field Maintenance

2019 FME Field Maintenance Schedule

Field Lining Info

*For the 2019 Season: SAT games start: 9am, end: 3 or later. Sun start: 10am, end: 4 or later. If you have these game times you are in charge of prep or cleanup.

Field prep before game: Includes lining the field, placing corner flags in position & make sure goals are in proper place with sandbags weighing them down. All equipment needed can be found in the green or blue locked boxes that are on each field. The code for all boxes is 3524. Four corner flags need to be placed in each corner and goals should be in proper place for age group field size.

Field lining consists of going over the lining that is already on the field. It is recommended this be done the night before the game OR before 8am Saturday morning. The current codes for the large equipment containers was sent to you in email. If you need a code, please text Paul Lynch at 253-740-1237.

If at SLMS: U11 and U12 games at SLMS will require a modified field. The goals chained to the fences need to be moved in place along with field dimension modifications of 55x80 need to be accommodated for. The yellow side lines are the 55 & the nets need to be set at the 20-yard line with weights added to back of nets. The goals have wheels so when moving them flip the wheels back over so it's flush on the ground. Be sure to put goals back on North side of bleachers with goal posts against the fence (If you are standing on the 50 yard line & looking at the bleachers, the goals are to be stored to the left of the bleachers-North side of field). DO NOT MOVE FOOTBALL GOALS. They are not meant to be moved and doing so damages the turf.

If at Discovery: Games held on this field will use the goals that are attached to the fence. They will need to be unlocked and rolled into place before the game and put back and locked back up when games are over.

Field clean up after game: Includes putting flags back in boxes, securing goals to fence if at SLMS at North side of bleachers AND locking them back up as well. If ever in doubt if you are last game or not, error on the side of putting them away.