Field Lining Instructions

Hello FME Families!

To get the code to the storage boxes, email and it will be sent to you.

Below is a video to show you how to line a field and work the equipment.

A list of fields is provided at the bottom of this page and lists where the storage containers are located on the fields.

Thanks for volunteering!

Field Lining Instructions

All teams are expected to participate in field maintenance or another volunteer duty as part of their good standing requirements. Each team needs to complete 4 hours regular season volunteering and 6 hours Turkey Jamboree volunteering. Parents, coaches volunteer their time to coach our kids, these hours need to be completed by people other than coaches.

Field lining should preferably be completed Friday evening before game day. Fields should be lined no later than 8:00am on Saturday mornings. On dry weeks you can line fields as early as Thursday night.

Paint and lining equipment is for the most part, located in the blue lockboxes at each field. Some fields they are located in storage containers nearby. On the FME Live Schedule there is a tab on the spreadsheet that reads "Fields". You will find the exact location for lining supplies on that spreadsheet for all the fields. If you do not have the code for the lockbox you can email our Fields Chair at

For lining you repaint over the existing lines and ensure the goals are placed correctly and weighted.

Google Drive Link for Field Dimensions by Age

Google Sheets link for Field Lining Instructions

Field Lining Instructional Video

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