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Covid-19 RTP Phase 3 Guidelines

Webmasters Note:  This page may not be up to date. Please click here for current WSYSA Guidelines or Covid Phases by County here 


The purpose of this document is to provide athletes, parents, coaches, and volunteers of FME Soccer Club with guidelines for a safe return to play in Pierce County during Phase 3.

Please note, although the young and healthy may be subject to less severe symptoms of COVID-19, every case of this disease is potentially life-altering and/or deadly, particularly those with increased risk factors and are immunocompromised. The symptoms and side effects of Covid-19 can show up in as few as 2 days or as many as 14 days and varies from person to person. Some show no symptoms and are asymptomatic. The knowledge and circumstances around COVID-19 are ever changing, therefore, FME Soccer Club makes no representation and assumes no responsibility for the completeness of this information around COVID-19. Further, you should seek advice from medical professionals and/or public health officials in your area if you have specific questions or concerns.

These guidelines address only Phase 3 of WYSA return-to-play guidelines. Additional guidelines will follow as the COVID- 19 pandemic continues to evolve. 

Participant (athlete, coaches & volunteers) can return to play if all of the following occur:

  • Participant has no signs or symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 14 days and not have travelled for 14 days prior to beginning training.
  • Participant does not have the following:
  • Fever (>100.0), cough, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, chills, body/muscle aches, diarrhea, sore throat, new headache, or loss of taste or smell. Temperature readings are to be conducted by players and families not FME Soccer Club staff.
  • Participant does not have a family/household member sick at home with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 or waiting for a test result.
  • Upon arrival to every training participant answers Covid-19 questions from an FME volunteer who checks them in. If participant is sick or has been in contact with someone that may be infected, they will be required to promptly return home and call their health care professional. FME volunteer will contact FME Executive Board at [email protected] .

FME practice structure and safety plans while on field:

  • Coaches and Players will be required to wear a mask at all times during practice and games.
  • No more than 200 people are allowed at one time on SLMS field. 
  • Athletes must wear a mask to and from practice, during practice, bring hand sanitizer, use their own water bottle, towel, and keep all their equipment in their bag when not in use.
  • Coach will instruct all athletes to sanitize their equipment before, during (if necessary) and after each training session.
  • Coaches must ensure that all team equipment is sanitized before and after team use. Pinnies will not be handed off or re-used during a practice session and will be cleaned between each practice session. 
  • Coaches must ensure that all athletes wear the appropriate personal protective equipment and keep their personal safety gear to themselves.

Coaches responsibilities:

  • Ensure health and safety of athletes.
  • Inquire how athletes are feeling.Fill out covid-19 roster sheet before each practice. 
  • Ensure all athletes have their own equipment and keep it with them at all times.
  • Instruct all athletes to sanitize their equipment before, during (if needed) and after each training session.
  • Ensure coach is only person to handle other equipment used on field (cones, disks, goals etc.). Do not enlist parent or other assistance.
  • Always bring and wear a face mask, even when not actively coaching.
  • Maintain social distance requirements from athletes based on state and local health guidelines.
  • Ensure no group celebrations, high-5's, hugs, handshakes, fist-bumps, etc.
  • Ensure all athletes use hand sanitizer at the outset of each practice.
  • Clean equipment after every practice included goals, cones, disks, and any other training tools used.

Parent responsibilities:

  • Ensure your child is healthy and check your child's temperature before practice.
  • Stay in car and adhere to social distancing guidelines.
  • Wear a mask if outside of your car for any reason.
  • Ensure child's clothes are washed after every training.
  • Ensure all equipment (cleats, balls, shin guards, etc.) is sanitized before and after every training.
  • Do not assist your coach with anything before or after training.
  • Ensure your child has the necessary safety equipment with them at every training. (hand sanitizer and mask).
  • Notify your club immediately at [email protected] if your child becomes ill for any reason.

Athlete responsibilities:

  • Take your temperature daily and especially before training with others.
  • Wash hand thoroughly before and after training.
  • Avoid touching face at all times.
  • Bring and use hand sanitizer during every training.
  • Bring and wear own mask before, during, and after all trainings.
  • Do not touch or share anyone else's equipment, water food or bags.
  • Practice social distancing, place bags and equipment at least 6 feet apart.
  • Wash and sanitize all equipment before and after every training.
  • No group celebrations, high-5's, hugs, handshakes, fist-bumps, etc.


FME Shall Administer the following:

  • Provide FME volunteer, that will be wearing a mask & adhering to social distancing guidelines, who will:
  • Check in every athlete as they arrive at the field for training and administer screening questions about player health, and the health of those within their household.
  • Have hand sanitizer available and use often.
  • Assist coaches in cleaning of equipment if needed prior to and after practice.
  • Regularly, during shift and after all athletes are checked in, use disinfectant spray/wipes on high traffic areas, especially gates, door handles and water fountains.
  • Post practice, turn in FME Covid 19 Tracking Form by simply taking a photo and forwarding to [email protected] .
  • Provide a "safety table" for each player group, located on the sideline of their designated training space that will include hand sanitizer and backup masks in off chance that someone forgot.
  • Have wastebaskets available for appropriate disposal of any waste.

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